About Me

My name is Emma and I am a self-confessed wedding-a-holic and hopeless romantic.

Definition of a hopeless romantic:
1: A person who daydreams about romantic occasions and dreams of chances where he/she will be able to perform a romantic act to their love, yet never gets the chance to.
2: This person is in love with love. They believe in fairy tales and love.  All hopeless romantics are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative, and the fanciful when you get to know them. They often live with rose coloured glasses on. They make love look like an art form with all the romantic things they do for their special someone.
3. A hopeless romantic dreams of who they will spend the rest of their life with and what the two of them will do together. They want to be romanced with sweet simple things and the thoughtful amazing surprises. They dream of being loved but also loving somebody. They don’t just want somebody to hold them, they also want to hold someone. They realize that love isn’t just about one person but both people, they are hopelessly in love with being loved AND loving back.

In short, I love weddings…every tiny little detail. I don’t know where this slight obsession came from, it’s just something I have always seemed to have from drawing my dream wedding dress over and over again at any chance I could get at School to looking at unaffordable, extravagant venues and dresses on the internet.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend does not share this same interest. In fact, he is the complete opposite. I have been with my boyfriend now for just over 9 years and in August 2009, we moved into our first house together and for probably the past 5 years, everyone has been asking “When is he going to pop the question?!” – the answer, if he has it his way, probably never, he would much rather extend the house than spend money on a ring or a wedding.

I spend God knows how many hours a week, trawling the internet looking at various venues, dresses, cakes, flowers etc so I may as well put this to some good use and share with everyone else. I have also been offering my services to my friends, to help them plan their big day so I am going to use this blog to post information on favourites of mine and also research I have been doing for my friends, which will hopefully be of interest to others….



7 Responses to About Me

  1. Chantel says:

    Looking good so far Miss Render (hopefully to be Mrs, someday, preferabbly soon)! Good luck and look forward to following all your great links etc that have been circulating on email for a while lol! xxx

  2. sarah says:

    looks great em well done!! looking forward to seeing the developments x

  3. Sara Collins says:

    Yey Emma! This looks great!! Go you. My friend is getting married next year, ill send her a link for some inspiration over the months 🙂 x

  4. I can definitely relate to this! I do think I’m a hopeless romantic too…loving the blog and the North East-ness, one of my favourite parts of the country so I make a habit of being there as often as I can. Can’t beat it! Anyway, just wanted to day hello {found you through Belle Amour}xxx

    • Thanks so much for commenting Lucy, it’s mean a lot as my first “non-friend” and especially since reading your own blog that you’re a “blurker”! I suppose I’m a bit like that myself…but again, trying not to be!


  5. Laura SudPat :o) says:

    Awh Em, this is brill! It puts your wedding talents to good use at last…. Just careful not to bore yourself of it all by the time your big day arrives :oP Oooh can’t wait, it’l be amazing if your blog is anything to go by!! xxxx

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