Flower Love = Peonies

If I’m been honest with you, I’m not the biggest flower person but show me a wedding filled with peonies and I go a little bit weak at the knees! I absolutely love them!  

Peony flowers exude vintage romance and have an air of British country charm to them and look gorgeous used in a bridal bouquet, centrepieces or other wedding décor.

Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honour and are an omen of good fortune, used to symbolise love, affection and a happy marriage and it was thought that they would protect the bearer from curses and demonic possession. No wonder they are becoming ever more popular in weddings!

If you’re umm’ing and ahh’ing about using peonies in your wedding and need a little bit of persuasion, take a peek below I’m sure this might help you make your mind up!




Credits (top to bottom): Kristyn Hogan via Style Me Pretty, Florassentials, Suzy Clement Photographs via Style Me Pretty, Jennifer Baciocco via Style Me Pretty, Our Labor of Love via Ruffled, Josh Goleman via Ruffled, Wishes Wedding Events, Jennifer Baciocco via Style Me Pretty, Parrott Design Studio, Kelly’s Wedding Flowers, Parrott Design Studio, Fleur, Hong Kong

What are your dream flowers? Are you having or had peonies? I’d love to hear all your thoughts and plans for any future weddings.


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