Benidorm Countdown – Shoe Dilemma

Today I was hoping to share with you a sneak preview of my “shit” shoes for our first night in Benidorm, but unfortunately, due to not having the correct materials let’s say, I haven’t finished them yet! I was hoping to get them done last night but it just wasn’t to be so now I have to try and finish them tonight, along with everything else such as packing!!

Seen as though I can’t show you my shoes now until I come back, I’ll try my best to describe them to you! Like I said in my last Benidorm post, they are just a pair of plain white plimsolls that we can decorate how we like. So I headed down to my local Boyes and Poundland and stocked up on shoe decorating goodies! At the moment, the shoes look a little bit like this…..The area from the laces down to the toes are covered in lime green diamante jewels, the laces have been replaced with mismatched ribbons – one bright pink polka dot, the other a glittery lilac colour, and Benidorm has been written in rainbow colours across both heels. Beautiful I know….

Any who, the main part of my decoration is the bit I have struggled with; I was hoping to attach some pictures that I have printed off and laminated to the sides of the shoes but so far, this hasn’t been very easy! First of all, I tried sewing them but this was just too painful on my fingers and the thread kept on snapping. Then I tried just using normal PVA glue, using a peg to hold them in place but again this didn’t work either. At this point, I was starting to worry a little bit….I didn’t have any back up plans in case this one failed. So tonight, the night before we are setting off to go, I am paying B&Q a visit and going to get some industrial strength glue and fingers crossed this will hopefully hold everything in place! If it doesn’t, then who knows what I’ll do….any suggestions would be VERY welcome!

I can’t wait to be lying around this pool enjoying the warm Spanish sunshine; the weather is currently looking a nice healthy 25 degrees, just what I like. So if anyone has any favourite places they like to go in Benidorm or any favourite hen do past times let me know? Anything that can add to the experience can only be a good thing!


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