Royal Wedding Countdown Part 2

Well it’s only two weeks to go to the Royal Wedding and everywhere you go somewhere is promoting something to do with the Royal Wedding, from bunting to look-a-like engagement rings, but more on this in next weeks’ Royal Wedding countdown post.

The world (more so America) are going Royal Wedding crazy at the moment, I mean there’s a film coming out all to do with the Royal couple and America have dedicated a whole channel to the Royal Wedding which will be showing biographies, specials and “British” movies. I don’t know about you but to me, it seems to be that American’s are getting far more excited over the Royal Wedding than us Brits, I mean some are planning on getting up at 4.00am just so that they can watch it live! I couldn’t picture many of us been that dedicated.

I’m not exactly the biggest follower of the Royal family, in fact, I don’t even really know that much (shame on me!), but I am quite excited for Will and Kate’s big day, I think it will just epitomise everything quintessentially British. When I think about the Royal Wedding I think of high tea and vintage crockery with gorgeous bunting strewn everywhere but with a bit of opulence and stunning dresses thrown in.



But that’s just how I envisage it and I think that’s more what all the many street parties are going to be like and the actual wedding is going to be much more opulent and I can’t wait to hear every little detail about it!

What are your thoughts on the Royal Wedding? Are you excited for it or could you not really care less? If you are excited, is it because it’s the Royal Wedding or just because it’s a wedding? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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2 Responses to Royal Wedding Countdown Part 2

  1. Claire says:

    Ah… I’d have to say I’m “mildly curious” about the royal wedding. The merchandising surrounding the whole event intrigues me just as much! Not sure if I’ll watch or not – it might be like the world cup when the roads and supermarkets are lovely and quiet.

    • I know, in the last week or so, the merchandise has just seem to have gone into over drive!! Crazy. I’ll be watching it but will more than likely get side tracked by a glass or two of Bucks Fizz and hopefully, the sunshine! 🙂

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