Groomsmen Tips

Well I’ve spoken about Bridesmaid duties already on Miss HR so now it’s the Groomsman/Ushers turn!

When someone is asked to be a Groomsman, they might think ‘ahh this will be doddle, I just need to wear a nice suit, ogle at the Bridesmaids and that’s it!’ well think again fella’s because that is not the case!

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Look Sharp: It isn’t just females who like to look their best at weddings, if you are planning on losing a bit of weight before your friend gets hitched do it now! And don’t keep putting off going to get your suit fitted; you don’t want to be leaving it too late!

Stag Duties: Ask the Best Man if he wants any help planning the Stag do and try not to organise it for the night before the wedding, no one wants to see a sweaty and ill looking Groom and Groomsmen!

Speech! Speech!: If you are asked to say a few words at the ceremony/reception, try not to leave it till the last minute to write! Don’t force yourself to be funny, just be yourself and everyone (including you) will enjoy it so much more.

No Harry Half Jobs Welcome: If you are asked to attend any pre-wedding functions (rehearsal ceremonies etc), go! There is nothing worse than turning up on the day and not knowing what you need to do. You could always ask the Bride and Groom if they need a hand with anything as well, including setting up on the day.

Meet and Greet: Help show guests to their seats at the ceremony and also help with any issues with seating.

Silent Helper: Support your friend throughout the day, especially on the morning when he might be just a little bit nervous! If there are any problems that you could solve without getting the Groom involved, do it! Then afterwards it’s something you can always hold against him, if you want him to get the rounds in at the bar!

Have Fun: Enjoy yourself, have drink and a dance! But remember, it’s a wedding, don’t go over the top and become the main show.

Helping Hand (Not much more now!): At the end of the night, help with the cleaning up and make sure that nothing is left at the venue that shouldn’t be, including gifts.

See boys, it’s not that hard really and I’m sure your friend will really appreciate it (even if he doesn’t tell you himself!).

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