Go On…Do It Yourself!

I’ve come over all DIY today on the wedding front (which isn’t really like me) I think it’s largely due to seeing these gorgeous DIY string chandeliers on Ruffled, they are so simple but so effective. Not only could they be used for a wedding, I think they would look lovely at any special occasion or even just hung in your garden on a warm summers evening (which I think I am going to attempt one day!) and they could be painted any colour that you wish.

twine yarn ball lanterns

You could DIY most aspects of your wedding from invitations to favours to bridal accessories, the list is endless. One main source of advice for all budding do-it-yourself Brides is Martha Stewart Weddings. If like me when you hear Martha Stewart, you think ‘oh god, that’s too American for me’, just take a look, you’ll be in wedding heaven. Martha Stewart Weddings literally have everything; real weddings, all the planning tools and advice you’ll need, inspiration for nearly everything you can think of and also free templates and clip art that you can download to help customise your own wedding. One of my favourites has to be this custom banner that you could either hang behind the altar or the top table at your reception or even hang in the back window of your get-away car!

Hobbycraft is the place to go if you are a keen DIY-er and you are planning on making your own stationary and favour boxes. There website also has an Ideas Library that shows you how to make various bits and pieces like this gorgeous butterfly tree and these heart lollipop biscuits, which would make great favours for your younger guests.

Guest books are a great way to get your own style across and there are so many different things you could do with them! Why not have bits of card in your colour theme for guests to write on then get them to place in a decorative bowl or they could even pin them to tree branches (like above) or a piece of twine with mini clothes pegs. You could jazz up an ordinary note book with photos and memento’s that mean are personal to the two of you. One of my favourites (as I have previously mentioned) has to be the photo booth option, guests then stick photos of themselves from the wedding into the book along with any message and well wishes. If you don’t want to fork out for a hired photo booth, make one yourself from a large sheet of material, a Polaroid/digital camera and various props for your guests to try out.

Photo credit: Holland Photo Arts

If you want to try and save some pennies when planning your wedding, doing-it-yourself is definitely the way forward and it doesn’t have to look any different to something you would fork out loads of money for.

If you’re planning on doing this or have already done so and are proud of what you have done, please feel free to contact me if you want to show others, how to ‘do-it-yourself’.

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2 Responses to Go On…Do It Yourself!

  1. georgie says:

    Ive gone down the DIY route when it comes to the guest book.
    Ive got some braches and painted them and arranged them to look like a small tree, it looks fab and to top it off the cut out press that i had bought for the invites but never used has made the luggage labels look extra special.
    They will look great hanging on the tree with special little notes written on from friends and family.
    All in all the whole thing has cost £6 and its totally unique i would definatly reccomend to any bride to have at least one DIY project for the big day.

    • Yeah I love the idea of having a message tree and it’s great that you managed to find some use for your spare invites! And I definitly agree that you should have at least one DIY project for your wedding day to make it feel that little bit more special.

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