The Grooms Input

I think it is pretty much common place within today’s society that a wedding is a woman’s thing and to be fair, it is, more or less and in reality, most men would prefer to keep it this way. But what if your Groom-to-be turned round and said to you “I want to be part of this, I want to help plan OUR day”, would you be horrified at the thought of him turning your beautiful dream wedding into a manly affair or would you jump at the chance of your partner helping you out?

It seems to be that modern day men want to be more involved with the planning of the wedding; after all, it is their day as well. Wedding blogs written by Grooms-to-be filled with advice and how the planning of their day is going are sprouting up all over the place, along with websites specifically aimed at the Groom.

Obviously, I’m still living in hope of finally getting round to planning my big day but would I really want my other half to help plan the wedding I have been dreaming about the majority of my life? On one hand, the answer would be a big fat no. Largely because I know exactly how he would want it and even though I will be willing to compromise, I will not be willing to compromise that much! I’d want romance and fun with all the trimmings, he would want beer, beer and probably some more beer. But then when I read these blogs written by Grooms-to-be, it makes me think, maybe I would want him involved.

The Groom, traditionally, does have a few responsibilities, contrary to popular belief. Firstly, the Groom must pick the engagement ring, which to be honest, must be a pretty daunting task, especially if they decide to choose it by themselves. The Groom is then expected to help the Bride with the major decisions, such as choosing the venue, a photographer and the guest list. But would you want your Groom to help with what other people maybe view as smaller details, such as favours and chair sashes?

If you’re in two minds about whether you want your partner to help out, have a look at the below blogs. You never know, they might sway your mind.

One of my favourite’s

In his own words, a Groom that loves planning his wedding

Humorous blog for the modern day Groom

Staggered has pretty much all the information the Groom needs to know

Wedding planning is for Grooms too!

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