Bridesmaid Duties

One of my friends who are going to be a Bridesmaid next year, has asked me to look into this for her, so here goes….

It’s very rare within the UK to see a bridal party without any Bridesmaids; some people might only opt for one or two, while some may have ten or even more. Tradition has it that Bridesmaids were first included in weddings as they looked similar to the Bride in appearance so therefore helped to confuse evil spirits. But whether you have been chosen to baffle evil spirits or not, been a Bridesmaid is a privilege and should not be taking lightly and although there may be a Maid of Honour, your support and opinions will be greatly appreciated by the Bride.

Photo by PrincessAshley on Flickr

Here are a few duties that the Bride may ask you to do before the wedding:

  • To help with ideas on where to have the wedding and different venues. If the Bride asks you to come with her to look at different venues, you could offer to drive so that she can concentrate on the location
  • You could offer your services to help address some of the invitations and help send them out
  • Assist the Bride and Groom by tracking down potential suppliers
  • Help put together the favours if need be
  • Be an emotional support for the Bride at all times including on the wedding day itself
  • Help the Maid of Honour to plan and organise the Hen night if asked
  • Attend all dress fittings and not complaining if there is anything you don’t like about your outfit
  • Attend the wedding rehearsal and make sure you know where you need to be and what you’re doing throughout the day

 And on the big day itself:

  • Help the Bride get ready
  • Make sure that the Bride is ok for drink, food etc while she is getting ready, be her general dogsbody!
  • Travel to and from the ceremony along with other members of the Bridal party
  • Help guests to their seats and be social prior to the wedding. It’s always nice to see the Bridal party mingling
  • Walk down the aisle as part of the procession
  • Help the Maid of Honour and Best Man look after any Page Boys or Flower Girls
  • Support the Maid of Honour so that she can have a rest from time to time and enjoy the day herself
  • If the Bride and Groom are having disposable cameras on their tables, help collect them at the end
  • Hand out slices of the wedding cake to guests
  • And make sure that you get on the dance floor and have a dance, especially at the beginning to help try and get other people up, there’s nothing worse than seeing an empty dance floor at a wedding!

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And finally, as a Bridesmaid it is important to always remember two things, first – the Bride is always right, and second, enjoy your-self and have fun!

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