Wedding Favours for Men

Choosing a wedding favour for a man can often be quite a difficult task, especially if you’re planning on getting separate favours for men and for women. If you’re going to give a female guest a candle, what do you give a man? If you’re going to give your female guests a pretty little photo frame, what do you give a man?

You’ve got the usual chocolates or sugar coated almonds or even a lottery ticket or scratch card, but to make your wedding stand out a little a bit, you could always give them something that’s more personal to you and your partner or something that’s a little bit different.

How about a miniature of your favourite drink? Be it vodka or your favourite red wine. Some companies also offer a personalisation service, where you can add your names and date of the wedding to make it that bit more special. Prices for miniatures range from around £1.00 up to £4.50, depending on the drink you’re after. They can be picked up from your local supermarket or from specialist sites, such as Just A Glass or Just Miniatures

Your male guests might want to feel a bit more pampered and might prefer a miniature of a favourite skincare or shaving product, many brands now do special travel size products which would be ideal for a wedding favour and can usually be picked up in the major high street stores.On the other hand, men often prefer more practical gifts and something that is more likely to come in handy so what better than a miniature multi-tool or a torch on a keychain. You could even give the male guests, products for their cars, like special cleaning cloths. Prices for these can be as little or as much as you want, depending on your budget.

Another great and practical idea is to give your male guests a personalised USB pen. They could either be used as keepsake for your guests or if they choose to, could use the USB pens to upload their photos from the wedding and send back to the couple. offer a great range of USB pens, including novelty USB pens and a free engraving service.

Or if, like my friends fiancé, your fiancé is a golf enthusiast, why not give each of your male guests their own golf ball, which could be personalised with the couples initials and wedding date, then presented in a decorative box. You could even throw in a tee that is the colour of your wedding theme. Many golfing shops will offer this service or you could DIY them yourself as Cathie Filian has done below.

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